Microsoft Office 2013 License can now be used to all.

Very Good news to reveal that Microsoft’s entry into the world of subscriptions like Terms and Conditions of the license agreement for the latest version of its Office Suites 2013.They allowing the users to transfer licenses between different PC’s. As previous Microsoft’s initially not allows to transfer the Office License to the another computer or user. The same was explained by Microsoft on the Office blog, a few days ago as there was a lot of user backlash because of the ambiguity in the terms.

Rightly Microsoft decided to make the product available to up to 5 PCs or Mac systems per user while limiting the boxed copy of Office 2013 to one system and one user. Microsoft furthermore made the decision to link an Office 2013 purchase to a single computer after activation with no way to transfer it to another computer system unless in the case of it falling under warranty.

They have made today to changes in its license agreement that changes this practice again. According to the announcement, the feedback change was based on customer feedback. Starting immediately, customers can transfer their Office 2013 license from one PC to another.

These transfer options are just same as to those found in the Office 2010 license agreement. So, if you are going to purchase a new PC or have a second computer that you want to transfer your Office 2013 license to, now you can do there as before you could not do so.


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