Facebook revealed new design of the News Feed.

Facebook revealed new design for the News Feed. The aim of this design to give a more unified experience to Facebook users across all the devices like tablets, mobiles, desktops and PC’s will divide your feed into content based.

There are lot of things which are identified the latest techniques to be used in the feeds to elaborate more like Content based feeds, Bigger Photos on site, Same kind of design across the limits and Outside or Third party contents will more prominence.

A feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing from status messages to links etc. Same like photos from your friends and the Pages you like on Facebook. Feed with post about any music you listen or music like by your friends listen to about your favorite artists and what they share on Facebook. All the latest news from the Pages you like, celebrities, and other important people you follow on Facebook.

In this latest feed expedition after This change will apply not just to pictures shared by your friends or people you follow, but in thumbnails, etc as well. Thumbnail size is much much bigger the design, rather ensuring that the events line up have a prominent spot on your News Feed.

In the News Feed section but the whole site is now going to look the same across the board, be it on your iPad, your smartphone or your PC/Desktop.The left hand side bar menu that appears on mobile and tablets will soon be available on Desktop.

After this new of Facebook feed,that will help to be prominent for the Third Party content If you check into a place, it won’t just reflect as so and so checked in here, but a wide-detailed map will appear alongside as well. If you like or check into a restaurant, you will see the cover photo for that place’s page.


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