Microsoft replacing hotmail with Newmail rival to Gmail.

I was shocked when i heard about that Microsoft is launching the Hotmail new emails, The world’s biggest email service Hotmail which is strike to be resemblance to Gmail like in its design.
Hotmail is still the biggest email provider in the world with some 360 million users, but Gmail has caught up with 350 million, shooting up from just 260 million users last October.This Newmail will be in clean look when it comes out to front that has been used for the related stories.
Tile-style icons make it easy to flick between Mail,Contacts, Calendar and SkyDrive for cloud storage. There are some blank spaces though, hinting there could be more features on the way. According to Win Future, there’s a mysterious vertical bar you can’t see in the screenshot too.
Newmail service will also linked to our Facebook and Twitteraccounts and will allow users to keep their contacts automatically in sync and see what their friends are doing on the service.
Newmail however, appears to be just the title for the service and users will still have @hotmail email addresses. But there’s no word on when we’ll see an official release, but I think it’s reasonable to expect it around the same time Windows8 gets kicked out the door, so sometime around October.


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