How to merge pdf files by Batch PDF Merger ?

Users want to staple documents in a single file either its on for online or offline. Staplers are prime examples of tools built for one distinct purpose and they do it well.
Batch PDF Mergeris the equivalent of a stapler for PDF files. It merges PDFs very effectively, but it doesn’t do anything else. And it’s free for small batches, but it is payware for merge huge quantities.
Batch PDFMerger’s interface supports drag and drop, or you can load an entire folder of PDFs.Merging is simple. Just load the PDFs into the files window, adjust the order you want them to appear in, and click merge.

The split button doesn’t separate PDFs and save them as individual files to your hard drive.  Instead, it splits files within Batch PDF Merger and allows you to rearrange them. If you split multiple PDF’s at once you can even drag pages from one to another. Once done rearranging, press Merge to bring the split files back together.

 If you feels that is good to be use so please let us comment of your used result :-


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